The Council of Young Scientists (CYS) of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast brings together over 1800 young scientists including 5 Doctors of Sciences and 480 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D) from 14 higher educational institutions and 5 research institutes of the region.

Рада молодих вчених Дніпропетровської областіThe main CYS accomplishment is a creation of a clear system that can effectively meet the challenges that young scientists of Dnipropetrovsk region are facing. Experience shows the achieved level of CYS activities is the best not only in Ukraine, but also among post-Soviet countries (nowadays Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS). From 2006 CYS together with Department for Education and Science of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration have been carrying out regional award contests “The Best Young Scientist” and “The Best Council of Young Scientists”.

Grant competition of research projects is being held for 4 years by DRSA and assisted by CYS to support of innovative projects of young researchers on regional development.

Since 2007 CYS has been carrying out educational project “The School of Young Scientists” that aimed at creation a training system of best junior researchers Dnipropetrovsk region for realization of young scientists’ potential in scientific and technical field that ensures the use of science and technology to solve social, economic, cultural and other problems of Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine. Nowadays it is 2-years training course for young researchers: 1st year – psychological training course for personal development; 2nd year – project and strategic management course.

CYS activities in 2011 exceeded the bounds of region and one of the main priorities became networking with young scientists from other countries. Thus, in June, 2011 Dr. of technical sciences, Professor Vlasov S.F. on invitation of the Kazakhstan First President Nursultan Nazarbaev Foundation took part in International Forum “Young scientists – to ХХІ century” where it was suggested to create CIS Young Scientists Association. In July, 2011 Buryatia (Russian Federation) department for education and science invited the chairman of CYS to take part in international forum “Young family is strategic resource of Russia”. Multilateral agreement on international collaboration was signed in Ulan-Ude. In September 2011 9 young scientists of Dnipropetrovsk region took part in Alexander Nevsky International Youth Forum in St. Petersburg (Russia).


In September, 2012 the chairman of Dnipropetrovsk oblast CYS, Candidate of Sciences (economics), associate professor Bezus R.M. had a meeting with counselor-minister of Ukrainian Embassy in France Yu.A. Pivovarov. Meeting was held at the Embassy of Ukraine in France (Paris). During the meeting they discussed many questions of possible ways of collaboration between young scientists of Dnipropetrovsk region and educational institutions of France.

All issues mentioned above certainly contribute to Dnipropetrovsk region become scientific and educational center not only in Ukraine, but among ex-USSR countries. We are very grateful that regional authorities support young scientists’ initiatives on the way of achievement of stated aims in the context of new educational standards of Dnipropetrovsk region.

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